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original title: Paint Your Wagon
rating: 6.50(6 501)
The U.S.
musical, drama, romance, Comedy, Western
Director: Joshua Logan. starring: Lee Marvin, Clint Eastwood, gene Seeberg, Harvey Presne”", yard Uo”ston, …
running time: , 158 min.
release date: 1969


This film about the town of miners in California 1840-ies – before the California became a state, and to the on-site there appeared a lot of ‘decent and good’ women.

Review: Rating positive reviews: 50% (2) cyberlaw – 05.05.2012 You should not expect from this film shootings or special intellectual underpinnings. Questions of the Wild West traditionally romantizirovalis in American cinema and this film is no exception… read all the ‘belo4ka88 – 12.01.2010 Colour in his van. . and hit the road for gold California!
California gold, a village of the romantics and a single woman! Which in consequence all the same has appeared and then it all started…. read more\’
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